We would like to thank one of our sponsors. Portwell has donated a replacement embedded PC. A while back one of our embedded PC’s released the mysterious black smoke and would not boot again. We contacted Portwell, and they responded within the hour and had the new system shipped to us as soon as a new one came off the production line. They have been very friendly and helpful this entire time. Read Full Article

With the semester over and everyone done with finals, we have been meeting in the lab everyday to get work done. Needless to say, we have gotten a lot done. We finally figured out why our batteries weren’t charging, began building our depth sensing circuitry, and finalized many of our housings in SOLIDWORKS. Read Full Article

The majority of the semester the software team has been focused on developing our list of requirements and layout of the system. We have had many setbacks this semester; such as our laptop, which we do the majority of our work on, dying. Despite the setbacks, we ended up becoming ahead of schedule and we were able to develop the movement sub-system, which is ready for testing. Next semester we plan to develop and test the vision and control sub-systems. Read Full Article

Today we made a fair amount of progress, in a backwards kind of way. We were able run pressure simulations on our camera housing. That puts us back a few steps but we learned a few things and are headed in the right direction. Read Full Article

We showcased our progress at the 2013 Atlanta Mini Maker Faire at Georgia Tech this year. This year we presented our upgraded thruster testing tank. We added thruster controllers and a cable and pulley system for attendees to find out how powerful a thruster is by pulling on the cable. We also used it to teach the concept of work to the younger attendees. We also had our embedded PC on display running a modified version of our path detecting code. This allowed us to explain the basic processes of developing code for vision based tasks. Read Full Article

After much testing and coding we can finaly unveil the new SPSU AUV Website. Our website, which is hosted by GitHub, is powered by Jekyll with help from Jekyll Bootstrap and the Twitter Bootstrap theme. Read Full Article